Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Eastern Illinois Blue Lightning at GAO Grotto

Potential Schedule for Blue Lightning/ Fire & Water
September 16  --- At Grotto
1 PM - candidate check in with mentor
2 PM - 2nd Degree
3:30 PM - 1st Section 3rd Degree
4:30 PM -  Meal
5:30 PM -  2nd Section of 3rd Degree
*With Possible 15 candidates, the 3rd degree Lectures etc. will last into the evening.
*Fire Wood needed
*Golf Carts & Drivers to deliver candidates down the hill for the 2nd section of 3rd degree.
*Degree participants - with back-ups for every part....
*Mentor needed for every candidate.
*Slides and screens for lectures.
*Will have to see if we need costumes for candidate and also for those in 2nd section of 3rd degree.

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