Sunday, September 21, 2014

Royal Arch to Hold School of Instruction

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of Illinois is pleased to announce that it will hold a School of Instruction at the Champaign Masonic Center on Saturday October 25 from 9:00am to Noon.  The School will cover the Mark Master and Past Master Degrees, concentrating most specifically on the floor work and the proper way to present the Degrees.  Coffee and donuts will be available starting at 8:00am.  Following the conclusion of the instruction, there will be an "Town Hall Style" open discussion where those in attendance will have the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and make suggestions to the Grand Officers.  The Champaign Masonic Center is located at 14 Bel-Air Court in Champaign, just off of Windsor Road.
This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come out and receive instruction on the beautiful degree work of the Chapter and enjoy a morning of fellowship with your Companions.  If you do not already have them, why not consider assigning a team of Companions from your Chapter to start working on the various parts in each Degree, then have them come to the School to receive proper instruction!?

Hope to see you there!
Sean McBride
Right Excellent Deputy Grand High Priest
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Illinois

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