Monday, September 22, 2014

Is it a Guy Thing?

The following was the Grand Commander's message in the August, 2014 issue of The Northern Light.  This is the official publication of the Scottish Right - NMJ

Is it a Guy Thing?
No, my friends, this is not going to be the
usual message from your Commander. Let
us shift the focus of past messages at least
partially and for the time being. To be honest
with you patient readers, the shift is not entirely
away from our usual call to serve our Brothers
and to care for them as we obligated ourselves
so to do. Read on.
Like many email messages we receive on an
daily basis here at headquarters, a well-crafted
and thought-provoking one from a Brother from
the first state began by commenting on how
helpful and positive the Almoner’s Fund had
become. Indeed, the Almoner’s Fund,
supported by your generosity and caring, has
become and will remain an important part of our
vision as Scottish Rite Masons.
The intent of his message was not primarily to
highlight financial assistance. Our friend went on
to mention a reality which has been of some
concern to this office for years: the lack of
communication. Perhaps the sad reality of a
serious lack of communication between
Brothers has also affected you? The fact that
we are Brothers should mean just that. Are we
honestly “Brothers” or just “Brothers” in name
Is the fact that so many of us are reluctant to
pick up the phone, send a card or to use any of
the many electronic devices we have at our
constant disposal to contact a Brother a defect
in the male personality? Is this just a part of the
proverbial “guy thing” for us to be so reserved,
insensitive and closed to the needs of our
Brothers? How will each of us, as Masons, feel
when and if we need the support of others, and
there is nothing but a communication vacuum?
Think about it.
We really do set our obligations aside when we
fail to contact a Brother who no longer comes
to lodge. Have you been contacted when you
missed a few or several meetings? Has your
lodge or other Masonic body ever contacted
you on a joyous or sad occasion if they know
about it? Did anyone ask why you might have
demitted from a Masonic body? Probably not.
How ironic it is in these times of constant
communication that so few of us are actually
communicating. With all of the incessant chatter
infiltrating our lives, one has to stop and wonder
if anyone is actually saying anything of value to
those who matter.
Our Brother wrote, “But I would also hope that
‘caring for each other’ is a theme that would
encourage Scottish Rite Masons to reach out to
their Brothers who are in need of hearing words
of concern, hope, comfort and yes, caring.”
Thank you, my Brother, for communicating with
this office and for awakening our need to go
beyond “the guy thing” to do “the Masonic
Sovereign Grand Commander,
John Wm. McNaughton

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