Monday, May 13, 2013

Knocking on the Door

I heard three knocks on the Temple door,
and then it was opened wide:
I felt the grip of a Masons hand,
as I slowly passed inside.

... I was lowered down on bended knees,
as a prayer was said for me:
And I was helped to pass around,
for the Brethren all to see.

And all to me was black as night,
as my leader took me round:
And my racing heart, I heard more clear,
than the solemn organ’s sound.

My faltering footsteps here and there,
were halted on the way;
And several questions were put to me,
as I struggled not to sway.

With my right hand resting on the ‘law’,
I took my obligation;
I swore I’d be a Mason true,
at my Initiation.

I shall not tell more what I saw,
or what to me was spoken;
But I saw the sign and heard the word,
and I felt the Mason’s token.

I’ll tell you this, that I heard a charge,
which I later learnt by heart;
and it told me all that a man should do,
as a Mason from the start.

It matters not if you pass the Chair,
or reach the highest station;
The best event of a Mason’s life,
is his initiation.
Author Unknown

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