Friday, December 14, 2012

Scottish Rite dedicates $2m to relief of Brothers affected by Sandy

John William McNaughton, Sovereign Grand Commander announced that the
Northern Masonic Jurisdiction that,

“…the Supreme Council's Almoner's Fund made a commitment to our Brethren in both
New Jersey and New York. To each of those jurisdictions, we pledged $1,000,000 for the
purpose of assisting in their efforts to start the rebuilding process.”

Ill. David A. Glattly provides a Brother hit by Hurricane Sandy much needed financial support.

This news is a real boost to efforts to help Masons in need in these areas. Our
fraternity was on the ground in both states shortly after the super-storm hit,
working alongside Masonic Lodges that were organizing food and clothing to those
whose homes were destroyed. In the first few days of the disaster, the Scottish Rite
distributed more that $200,000 in debit cards to Brothers – financial relief at a time
when many banks were closed and ATM machines were empty.

Outside Durand Lodge in Point Pleasant, NJ. Masons are hard at work helping hurricane victims.

Ill. Brother David A. Glattly, Deputy for New Jersey, has been spearheading the effort
in the Garden State. He has visited and directly helped many of his fellow Masons.
For men whose home has been ravaged this can me quite emotional. Brother Glattly
describes the experience:

"The response by our Masonic Brothers is heartwarming when we offer them financial
assistance. It is difficult for a Mason, familiar with giving charity, to instead accept it.
We have often shared tears and hugs with our Brothers. These are special moments."
While the storm occurred October 28, the work to rebuild continues. If you want
to help, you can donate to the Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation Almoners Fund
by going to and access “Donate Now” under
Almoner’s Fund.

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