Monday, December 31, 2012

7E Illinois District Events

January is loaded:
Jan. 2 Worker's Club Mahomet 7 PM 1-2-3 DDGM Reception
Jan. 3 Stated Meeting St. Joe 7:30
Jan. 4 Stated meeting Centennial 10:30 AM
Jan. 4 1st Degree Homer 7 PM
Jan. 5 2nd Degree St. Joe 8 AM Breakfast 9 AM Degree
Jan. 8 3rd Degree Tolono 5:30 Supper (Italian Beef, salad, cheese topping, etc.) 6:30 Degree
Jan. 9 Stated Meeting Ogden 7 PM
Jan. 9 1st Degree Fraternal (Monticello) 7 PM
Jan. 11 3rd Degree St. Joe 6:45 Receive the Grand Master who will also confer that night Supper at 5:45
Jan. 13 Breakfast Western Star 7 AM-11 AM
Jan. 14 Stated Meeting Western Star Will be voting on four (4) ballots
Jan. 15 Stated Meeting Tolono 7 PM Supper at 6 PM
Jan. 15 Stated Meeting Urbana 7:30 PM
Jan. 16 Stated Meeting Sidney 7:30 By-Law change for Sidney
Jan. 16 2nd Degree St. Joe 6:30
Jan. 17 Hi 12 Urbana Gardens 12 Noon
Jan. 17 3rd Degree Mahomet 7 PM
Jan. 21 Lodge Officer's School of Instruction St. Joe 7-9 PM 1st Degree will beginning with "ascertain if any..."
Jan. 24 Worker's Club 7E Western Star 7-9 PM 1-2-3 DDGM Reception
Jan. 27 Breakfast Tolono 8 AM-12 Noon
Jan. 28 Stated Meeting Western Star 7 PM
For the Lodge Officer's School--I will be setting the slate. Let me know what you would like to do, but make sure that you know that part. We may have time to go through it twice. If we do, there will be changes.
Projected Official Visit for the Reception of the DDGM:
Odgen Done
Centennial Mar. 1
St. Joe Mar. 7
Sidney Mar. 13
Homer Mar. 18
Tolono Mar. 19
Western Star Mar. 25
Urbana April 2

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