Sunday, September 2, 2012

7th Eastern District Events

Brethren:  Here are some dates that are approaching the 7th Eastern district:
Thursday    Sept. 6        2nd Degree @ Western Star Lodge  7 PM.  Need stewards, Junior Deacon, Chaplain, Tyler, Marshall and maybe some other speaking parts.
Tuesday    Sept. 11        2nd Degree @ Tolono Lodge   7 PM   Need Deacons (both sections)  Stewards, Marshall, Senior Warden (both sections).
Saturday    Sept. 29        1st Degree (1,2, or 3) @ Western Star Lodge       8 AM Coffee and donuts  9 AM Degree  Am filling the slate.  This is tentative as to how many candidates we will have.  We have one for sure.  Alight lunch will follow.
In any or all the degrees, let me know if you are coming so that I can fill the slate better.    Also for the food count. 
Ray Cummings  DDGM 7E

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