Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shriners Hold Auction in Arthur

Photo by Decatur Herald and Review

ARTHUR — Sarah Helmuth, 67, started preparing for the Shriners Auction in Arthur the day before.
She, along with the help of a few other Amish girls and women, were tasked with peeling, cooking and mashing more than 250 pounds of potatoes. And that was just the beginning. They also prepared 900 pieces of chicken, 50 gallons of green beans, hundreds of salads, pieces of bread and other sides.
The annual auction, which was Friday, is a way for the Amish parents to thank the Shriners for the free medical care they give children in their community. They rally together to craft furniture, quilts and other goods for the auction, and they also provided a homemade dinner and bake sale.
As Helmuth worked in the kitchen Friday morning, she couldn’t help but feel immense thanks to the Shriners. When her daughter was in desperate need of medical treatment, the Shriners Hospital in St. Louis was able to help. Though it was more than 30 years ago, Helmuth remembers the events clearly.

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