Saturday, May 19, 2012

Illini High 12 No. 768 is Chartered

It's Official! Illini High Twelve No. 768 Is Chartered!

We had a very special meeting on May 17th at Urbana Garden Restaurant. We had a house full of officers from the Illinois Association of High Twelve from all over the state--some of them drove three hours to be at our charter meeting. 1st Vice President Dean Lillis presented the Illini High Twelve with it's official charter, and offered a little history of the club and what it's purpose is.

Although our club is very new we've grown quickly. We held our first lunch meeting in November with eight Masons in attendance, as of the meeting Thursday, we have 34 members. And we also have a unique distinction as we learned Thursday. The Illini High Twelve No. 768 is the largest newly chartered High Twelve in the United States--and we're just getting started. Not bad for seven months. Another interesting historical fact is that we chartered our club exactly 91 years to the day that High Twelve International was formed--back on May 17th, 1921.

We'd like to thank all the officers of the Illinois Association for helping us get started. They have been very enthusiastic in their support. 1st Vice President Brad Cronk and Secretary Greg Knott were given a bell that belonged to an old club that is no longer in existence when they attended a State meeting in Springfield. On Thursday, Ed Rund, Past State President, gave me a gavel to strike it with that belonged to that same club--somebody years ago had scratched "High 12" on the head of that gavel. That gavel had seen some use--it's pretty beat up. Ed had commented that we didn't have to use it, but I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to use and hand down to successive Club Presidents of the Illini High Twelve. That bell and the gavel help to tie our new club into the long history of High Twelve in Illinois. And I went to work polishing that bell, and as you can see, it cleaned up nicely. It's ready to begin a new chapter in its long history with a new club.

We received a lot of gifts on Thursday. We were also given a flag for our club's use, and a handmade wooden schoolhouse. The schoolhouse is a little piggy bank, and each meeting, we'll pass the schoolhouse around and collect a donation for High Twelve's charity, the Wolcott Foundation, which provides scholarships to George Washington University. We all recieved charter member pins, and all the charter members of the Illini High Twelve received beautifully printed Charter Member Certificates.

It's not every day you get an opportunity to charter a new organization. Special thanks to all the charter members of Illini High Twelve for making this so successful. I think part of our success is that we have so much fun at our meetings--it's something we all look forward to each month. As Ed Rund said at our charter meeting, right out of the gate we've already become the pride of High Twelve International.

If you're interested in joining, or if you'd just like to join us for lunch, it's open to all Masons, and we meet the third Thursday at noon and the Urbana Garden Restaurant in Urbana, Illinois. You can contact me, or Secretary Greg Knott for additional information. Our next meeting is June 21st.

Thanks again, and congratulations!

Todd E. Creason
Illini High Twelve No. 768

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