Monday, March 26, 2012

Area Masons Serving at the Danville VA

Recently representatives of Vermilion County, IL, lodges   took time off from their volunteering to assist inpatients at the VA Illiana   Health Care System at Danville IL to present shrouds to the Palliative Care   Ward at the hospital.

Enthused by the publicity that this Masonic Grand Lodge of   Oregon project had generated, and particularly the enthusiasm of First Lady   Corrine Bush, local MSA Representative Andy Phillips spoke with the   administrative representative of the local VA hospital who were easily   convinced by his belief in this project and the value that laying to rest   under the red, white and blue would bring to those who have dedicated so much   to our country and to those who eventually come to claim the  veteran's   body.

The attached photos were taken at the Palliative Care Ward   at the Danville VA and [from left to right] include:

Nursing representative of the ward;
Brother Michael Puhr
PDDG Tom Barrett
Brother Jason Shaffer
DDG Dick Clark
MSA Representative for Illiana Health Care Andy Phillips
Associate Director for Patient Care Services at the   Danville VA Alesia Coe.

Brother Phillips constantly wears his "flag" pin when   traveling throughout and the Masonic region and it has generated so much   interest that he has obtained a number of the pins and is to have a selling   point established at the forthcoming Spring Reunion of the Scottish Rite, to   be held in Danville on March 30 and 31.

Thank you for this opportunity,

Andy Phillips
MSA Representative
Illiana Health Care - Danville 

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