Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Go to Lodge Tonight

Let's Go To Lodge Tonight My Brother, let's go to Lodge tonight; You haven't been for years. Let's don our Lambskin Apron white And sit among our peers. I feel a kind of longing, see, to climb those creaky stairs; I know it'll be a thrill for me to lay aside my cares. We'll meet the Tyler at the door and though he'll hesitate, we'll hear him say just as before, "Come in or you'll be late." I'd like to get out on the floor-- Come on, let's get in line; I want to face the East once more And give the same old sign. I want to hear the gavel rap the Craftsmen to attention and see the Master don his cap; a night without dissention. So come! Pass up that picture show, or your wrestling bout or fight; Switch off that TV set! Let's go! Let's go to Lodge tonight. (author unknown)

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