Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Veterans - Masonic Support

Greetings Brothers,

I have been appointed MSA representative to the Danville Illiana VA Health Care and [some] Valley lodges generously donated funds to allow 15 vet's to attend the afternoon "matinee" performance of the Lodge of Perfection's play. Thank you to those Lodges.

The MSA funds that allow us to support this program are ALWAYS in need of financial support from Valley Lodges.

I would be very grateful if your Lodge could consider a small [or large!] donation to this program.
Similarly, I would be grateful if the Workers' Club could consider a donation at the next meeting.
If you find this an appropriate cause for your hard-earned funding reserve and wish to donate to the MSA direct, please ensure you checks are endorsed "for Danville MSA" or we may never see the funds.

Should you ahve any questions, or wish for me to attend a meeting or your Lodge to make a personal plea for support and/or to talk about this work in/for our community, please do not hesitate to contact me by reply email or give me a call on 217-918-2473.
Yours fraternally,
Andy Phillips

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