Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Edward Blackshaw - Masonic History

Edward Blackshaw
Edward Blackshaw

Was born September 1st, 1831, at Bromley, near Dudley, Staffordshire, England, about one mile from the place where iron was first smelted by bituminous coal, by Dud Dudley, son of Lord Dudley, in 1865, at Dud Dudley's. His father was Joseph Blackshaw, his mother was Hannah Hill. He was married in Edgbaston England, April 3, 1853, to Miss Elizabeth Jones, since deceased. He was married a second time, August 17, 1882, to Mrs. J. Strachan, who is still living.
In 1858, on his arrival here, he established his dental office and has done an extensive business ever since. He has always been a thorough student and has introduced the various inventions in his profession as soon as his investigation convinced him of their merits. He was the first to introduce in this county, the following inventions, to-wit: Rubber as a base for artificial teeth, in 1861 or 2, Nitro Oxide or laughing gas, in 1864. Os-artificial as filling for teeth, in 1862, Cheo-plastic as a base for lower sets, in 1860, Weighted Rubber, as a base for lower sets, in 1879, Cavities in lower plate, in 1878, Bro. of Ethyl, in 1883, the local anesthetic for the gums, in 1860, the use of a base plate of metal and fasten the teeth on with rubber for lower sets, in 1884, Tifline, for extracting, June 1885, Robbins Remedy, in August 1885, Yinglings Chlorodont, in December 1885, Emery Burrs and wheels for lathes, in August, 1885. In 1886, the Doctor introduced Moseley's Soporative, which produces natural sleep, which he is using very successfully in his dental business. Dr. Blackshaw is well known throughout the state as a zealous Free Mason. He was made a Mason in 1857, in Fountain Lodge, No. 29, Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin. He has held the office of Master of Urbana Lodge, 157, been High Priest of Urbana Chapter, No. 80, for eleven years, T.I.G.M. of Urbana Council, No. 19, for twenty-one years, served as Captain General of Urbana Commandery. No. 16, and now occupies the position of Generalissimo in same Commandery. He also filled the honorable position of Puissant Grand Master of the Grand Council of the state of Illinois, for one year. The Doctor is known far and wide as a skilled dentist and in every town in Central Illinois has warm friends who always give him a hearty greeting.


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