Saturday, August 13, 2011

News from the 7th Eastern District

Hello Brethren:  Here it is, from hot to semi-hot weather around the 7th Eastern.  Events:
Aug. 16    Tolono Lodge Stated Meeting    Supper at 6 PM, 7 PM Meeting
Aug. 16    Urbana Lodge Stated Meeting      7:30 PM
Aug. 18    Western Star 3rd Degree (2)    6:30 Start Time with refreshments to follow
Aug. 22    Western Star Stated Meeting    7 PM  Hawaiian Night w/ supper at 5:45 and a magic show before the meeting.  Come and see the DDGM of the 7th Eastern District get sawed in half.  Now there will be two of me.  Byaaaaaaaaah!
Aug. 23    Ogden Lodge 1st Degree (1)    7 PM
Aug. 25    Worker's Club @ Western Star   7 PM  Rod Work and Floor Work on the 1st Degree
Aug. 28    World Famous Tolono Masonic Lodge Breakfast  8-12 
Aug. 29    Western Star 1st Degree  (3)   7 PM Start Time with Tom Stites conferring for the first time
Aug. 30    The DDGM of the 7th Eastern will be like the famous Route of song, TV and legend--66!
If anyone wants to come to the stated meeting at Western Star on Aug. 22, let me know so I can tell the refreshment committee.  Need to know by Sunday, Aug. 21.

Ray Cummings  DDGM  7E

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